Server maintenance

by mick88 on 21 July 2016

Server is being upgraded at the moment. Sorry for the down time, all player data is safe and backed up. Please check back in a few hours.

Update: Server maintenance is finished, server is again available at samp://

Server update to 2.18

by mick88 on 26 June 2016

Gamemode changes by CarlJohnson:

  • Added missions to Alcatraz
  • Fixed spawn points in Vice City, Sandus Keys, Milestone
  • Fixed refueling at Narwick Airport
  • Added interest information to /help command
  • Changed low fuel warning threshold to show earlier
  • Added Speedtraps around Desert and Narwick
  • Added wrong side fine around Desert and Narwick

Map changes:

  • Added roadwork in Red County by CarlJohnson
  • Removed roadworks from Los Santos, Eyre and Las Venturas


Android app update to 1.1

by mick88 on 25 June 2016
  • Added launch screen with Convoy Trucking logo
  • Added About screen with credits and links

Android app is back in Google Play

by mick88 on 10 June 2016

The app had been removed since website update broke some of the APIs months ago, but it's now live again with completely new codebase, new material design and new features.

As previously, the source code of the app is available on GitHub, where issues can be reported, and contributions (pull requests) submitted.

Google Play link

Website update

by mick88 on 9 June 2016
  • Added news section to the website (mick88)

Server update to 2.17

by mick88 on 21 May 2016
  • /sharevehicle command is once again available to players allowing them to share their private vehicle be shared with a club (by CarlJohnson & Joshy)
  • Updated Narwick map (by Sjomp)
  • Added missions to Narwick (CarlJohnson)
  • Made Narwick Airport Functional (CarlJohnson)
  • Made Gas Stations at Narwick and Desert functional (CarlJohnson)
  • Added GPS zones at Narwick (CarlJohnson)
  • Fixed GPS zones at Unresting Desert
  • /mycars now displays whether vehicle is owned by club or by player, vehicle owned by club (bought from club funds) will be displayed with a [club] tag (CarlJohnson)

Server update to 2.16

by mick88 on 15 May 2016
  • Added missions and GPS zone areas to Unresting Desert (Tyler)
  • Added new maps: Eyre roadworks, LS lightworks, maintenance, SF waterbreak, waterworks, vegas motorworks (by Ethan)